Quartic Pocket Research Center

  About "Quartic Pocket Research Center"

This is a virtual research organization, and this center investigates, practices, and studies it about how a person can carry many kinds of things with a person.

This web site is introducing what was collected with the hobby. The thing currently introduced to this site does not sell.

  Laboratory and Facilities

Stationery Lab.
· Card Stationery Lab. (Japanese)
· Set Stationery Lab. (Japanese)
· Hand-held Stationery Lab. (Japanese)
· Stationery Storage Room (Japanese)
  (Dimensions of a credit card articles) (English)
· Stationery Library (Japanese)
@ Members in QPRC

CEO Chief of QPRC : Dora
Chief research worker : Dora
SEC Assistant : Minidora
Office worker : Minidora
  Alliance list
(All list is Japanese site)

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